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Radio Documentary

Radio Documentary

http://www.jsuk.org/components/com_agora/img/members/3/mini_IMG.jpg http://www.jsuk.org/components/com_agora/img/members/3/mini_IMG1.jpg I have had a busy few weeks.
Firstly I have been on a visit to Clarke Hall, we had to dress up old fashioned and cook from recipies the way they used to do a long time ago.
My pictures show me helping to get it ready and then me eating it!
Next I have been helping Beth to make a radio documentary all about me. Earlier this year mum was interviewed on local radio because some new gene had been discovered for J.S. I realy wasn't interested but I know other people are. Beth has asked mum if she can do a radio documentary all about me! Mum said yes, and I guess after meeeting her I decided that it was OK. I thought her microphone looked like a good place to start, I tried to have a sneaky swipe at it but mum knew what I was going to do and stopped me, grrr.
We decided to take Beth to my school so she could see how much hard work I do and meet my teacher and freinds. We also took her to the school disco, it was great fun and for a change everyone was staring at Beth wondering why she was there with a microphone, haha. I was very excited to go to the school disco because I like to get dressed up and I love dancing, especially when I spin round in my chair. It was also great because my friends were there and we all spinned and danced together.
At school we are busy rehearsing for the school play, but I can't tell you what part I'm playing yet because its a suprise for my mum when she comes to see us all.
It started to snow a bit at the weekend  but I managed to get to school on monday, I went for a sleepover at the home I stay at with friends on monday and tuesday. Mum picked me up on wednesday and there was a lot of snow outside. I walked in it for a little bit but I lifted my feet up when the snow got under my trousers, brr it was cold. It took us ages to get home, I got grumpy because I had to go out and I don't like it when its cold. I hope the snow goes soon because I don't like staying in and I need to get my wheels fixed.
Mum normally fixes it but shes said I've realy done it this time! roll
http://www.jsuk.org/components/com_agora/img/members/3/mini_IMAG0433.jpgWhoops, well I can't help kicking the footplates, I don't like them!!

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