Our Syndrome. Your Information.

Our best hope for finding new treatments and raising awareness is your participation in JS-LIFE, the JSRDF patient-centered registry.

Whether you are affected, a caregiver, or related to someone who is or was affected, your information* could be the key. Please take a few moments to answer a few questions today.
*only one survey is necessary per affected individual


Joubert Syndrome UK



Welcome to the new JSUK Forum.  Some of the  areas are for members only, if you would like to join, please click HERE or LOGIN.

Posting Pictures

Posting Pictures

Posting is only available to members, to join click HERE and HERE for instructions on how to Post a new Topic.

1 When you get to the point in your post where you would like the picture, click the "Attachments" button at the bottom left of the screen.
2 The "Upload Files" screen will appear.
3 Click the "Browse" button to find the picture on your computer, a standard "Choose a file" window will appear.
4 Find the file on your computer in the usual way and click on it, then click the "Open" button. You should now see the box below. Click the "Submit" button.
5 After a few seconds, dependant on file size and connection speed, the file will be added to those you have uploaded (alphabetical order).
6 Scroll up and down to find the correct image.
7 Find the one you want and click the green tick on the right of the picture.  A link for the file will be added.

Once the picture is in the Gallery (Uploaded Files) it can be reused in other posts, if you remove them from the gallery they will be removed from all the post and the forum will look messy.

The Forum will accept pictures in jpg,jpeg,png anf gif formats and upto 1MB in size, please however reduce the file size to below 250kb to ensure the Posts load quickly.

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